Letting go

What freedom there is in letting go, in beginning to let go or continuing with that process, letting go, all that is not our us, on every level of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Sometimes its easier to start with what is not our us, than what is, yet deep within, we all have a core self, a self, who is free from entanglements, a natural self, a pure self. Its that sense of self we are trying to access and bring to the surface, instead of our habits and habitual ways of being, we have learned over the years.

My different training approaches, can allow this process to begin, a place to continue or begin to let go our entanglements to others, here and now, and in other dimensions of time and space.

photo credit unknown, for me, representing cells and life at a microscopic level.

These entanglements arise and are formed from conception onwards, they are vibrational and  energetic, imprints, information gained from those around us and from what we have experienced.

You could say its just , neurons wiring and firing, in the brain structure, creating patterns or ways of being from this life alongside inherited information, generational information, not cleared from past generations.

Its carried  forward in our bodies and energetic fields, its this that has to be accessed and cleared and untangled, or unblended from in order to reach again and get back in touch with that core essence, that part of us, that has been here since the beginning of time.

It’s a mutli layered approach, its safe and secure, in a contained held space, it might be a shamanic journey, or using contemporary trauma counselling techniques, or a blend of what suits you best in current time and space.

That’s what I am to deliver, a way of attuning to you and your needs, and together finding and setting goals, to aid and manage that process, using whatever, skill or training model seems ot be the best fit in that current moment.

I do believe in this micro level attunement process, is where healing happens.

It’s trusting or learning to trust the process and working with what is currently ok to work with. Baby steps are ok, to begin with.

Its honouring the process and the client, and their history.

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