Neurons that wire together, fire together

Just a quick post, about this. “Neurons that wire together, fire together”. This phrase was first used in 1949 by Donald Hebb, a Canadian neuropsychologist known for his work in the field of associative learning.

I heard this phrase, many times, during various Trauma training events, I have attended over the years.

It’s good to know that as it also lets us know we have a choice. A choice about what to think and therefore what we become.

It’s known as brain plasticity.


Every thought creates neurons to fire, every time that thought is repeated, more neurons fire, if we think that thought or those thoughts often enough, they will ‘cement’ together.

These unchecked thoughts become our us.

Literally, we become our thoughts, thats why its soooo important to watch and monitor what we are thinking.

I first heard this nugget of infomation, via my big friend Dan, who I was visiting in the States about 20 years ago, one day he said, ” Do you know you don’t have to believe , everything you think”.

Well back then no I didn’t and boy was that difficult for me to really understand back then.

Eventually, though and moving along lifes path, I now know it to be completely true.

It’s not easy, I often say to clients, but it is possible, to change and manage our thoughts.

It’s small wee baby steps, first just by noticing the thought, acknowledging it, not stopping it, just notice its present, BUT THEN USING A diversion tecnique, THAT WORKS FOR YOU, TO CHANGE NEURONS. FORGING NEW NEURAL PATHWAYS. and repeat, repeat, repeat.

I like to think of it as starting as a small path through some long grass, at first hardly noticable, but the more its repeated and used, it could become like a 5 lane motorway eventually.  Its a learned responce, a belief, that gets used again and again.

This is how the brain plasticity works, thought become things, things, become beliefs, beliefs become habits. And before you know it you’ve got your own version of spaghetti junction going on.

The good news is, because the brain has brain plasticity it can be changed, it is wired ot be changed, we can make it work for us and not against us.

So think about what you think, veerrryy carefully.

Think about what you belief about yourself, conscious and unconsious patterns, you might hold.

Notice what you say to yourself  when you pass a mirror?

Notice what you do in a supermarket?

At the swimming pool,

In a pub on a bus.. etc, etc,

 Just notice.

But notice kindly and with compassion, as these thoughts, beliefs and habits, have been necessary till now.

Now though you may have found them limiting in some way.

Its time for change and YOU (dear reader) are in charge.

Please let me know how you get on and if I can help you at all….

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