About me

Welcome here ❤️

It’s all about vibration….

We are vibrational beings. Everything is energy.

My purpose is to heal and help others do the same, by helping you raise your vibration.

Clear out old energy patterns, and help you maintain new frequencies.

I recieved my first Reiki attunement as a spontaneous gift, at the Callanish Stone Circle, in 2000. It was totally spontaneous and lovely. I was visiting the stone circle for the first time and when I arrived on the bus, I met again a couple of women I had chatted with on the ferry coming across on the Saturday.

One of them was having a Reiki Attunement from the other and they asked me if I would like one too. Off course I said YES!

Below Callanish Stones. Picture by Robert Forbes.

callanish isle of lewis

The stones are over 5000 years old. There is maagical energy to them, something greater than ourselves. (more about this magical later).

After, my spontaneous Reiki ❤️ Attunement. I followed this up with a professional Attunements, In Usui Reiki, level 1 & 2, and Master between 2003-2006.

I have always loved my Reiki practice, it really helps us balance and heal on every level of our being. Physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. ❤️

I went on to train in Shamanic Practice, 2013-2015, 2016-2017, my shamanic training, reminded me we are all one, and again energy beings. It reminded me about harmony, and re- membering to be in harmony, with yourself and all around you.❤️

Bringing in Mother nature and all creatues great and small, to help us be anchored in the here and now and resourced, to enable us on our journey, we are not alone.

My Shamnic training also re-minded me about getting out of the way, letting go of self, (EGO) to allow any benevolant helping spirits to come in and guide the work. Being as if a hollow bone.

More recently I have completed training as an Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher

I have worked with the ANGELS and with REIKI, for many years, but this attunement is more than that.

It’s helping me change my vibration and tune into and with the ANGELIC rhealms and other high dimension beings, and channel their healing gifts and energy to you and your energy bodies.❤️

To help you heal on every level of our being.

A part of my spiritual practice is meditation, and I have been meditating or teaching teaching meditation in small groups for over 20 years. It’s being here now, connected to something greater than ourselves, which on some some level is also our us, that co- facilitates my healing work and my work with you.  .

One of my aims is to help you heal,  to help  you find your you. To re-kindle your passion and your purpose.  We will work together in present moment time and space to co- create a wellness plan, that will work best for you.

Love is my teacher.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

― Anais Nin

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