Shamanic Practitioner


  • I am a Shamanic Practitioner, I began my training in Shamanic Practice with Mark & Claudia at the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre from, 2013 – 2015. Then I also completing Featherstone Energy Healing Level I & II in 2014, again with Mark & Claudia, Featherstone is a shamanic healing system, based on the power of pure love.
  • I then went on to complete an Advanced year of Shamanic training with Carol Day in 2016/17, Carol works from, The Centre for Creative Vision, based in Fife/Forres.
  • In all of my work, I have always had a steadfast ability to hold, and contain, whatever is happening in the session. (me and my helpers! that is)
  • The innate knowledge and wisdom I have gained on these highly experiential courses, have been life changing for me and transformational on every level of my being.
  • Shamanism also totally informs the basis of all my practice. In that we are all one.
  • My Shamanic work, depends on the needs of the client on the day.
  • Following an informal chat, I will ask you to set an intention for the work.
  • We will then work together, collaboratively, setting or re setting up sacred space, so we work in ceremony, for your specific requirements in this time and space.
  • My intuition is set to max and also informs my practice, I have a strong visual sense, alongside being able to feel others energies.

Shamanic Practice

For me, shamanic practice reminds me we are all one, this forms the basis of my belief system and practice. It’s also about working with spirit at a soul level. It’s an honour to be working with clients at this deep level and within this ancient healing system. In my shamanic practice I am working with energy, spirit and levels of consciousness/vibration.

Within it I am connecting with you at the deepest relational level and working in a divine place, (out with all ego), in shamanic terms, the practitioner is: as a hollow bone. Working with grace, with spirit, with compassion and with positive regard for you and from a place of non judgement.

working with the seen and unseen, in that space in between worlds.

bright blessings, Maggie

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